About Us

We are a full-fledged studio space equipped with a cyclorama, a pavilion, a sound booth, a dressing room and all other amenities. We are for those who need everything at once and for those who are just starting. Record video ads, write a song, do visual branding. We can do everything and more.



White three-wall cyclorama with a ceiling frame above it, the size of the cyclorama is 6.5 m by 4.5 m with a podium of 1.5 m, the ceiling height is 4.5 m. It is perfect for both photo and video shooting, interviews, blogs, broadcasts, large subject shooting, shooting groups of people and building staged locations



Our studio is equipped with a sound booth. Record an audio track for a video, a song, a podcast, voice over the finished material? No problem. Complete soundproofing, a set of professional microphones and headphones at your service.






Our equipment 


In our studio, our clients can comfortably realize the most daring ideas and creative ideas. Our many years of experience and professional equipment are at your service.


pro stuff

Our studio is a compact space for photo and video filming. It is equipped with modern technology and working props that allow you to embody the most daring ideas.



Canon 5Ds

51-megapixel sensor with a maximum frame size of 8688x5792 Ideal for subject and macro photography

Blackmagic 6K

6K video camera with frame resolution 6144x3456 pixels, 10-bit color dynamic range

Sony a6500

24-megapixel sensor with a resolution of 6000x4000 pixels





Unusual angles always arouse the interest of the viewer, professionals are well aware of this. Telemetry, presence effect or macro photography - all this is available to you.



Laowa 24mm Macro Probe

A lens that creates an unusual macro effect similar in meaning to shooting from a microquadcopter flying over a giant grape

Canon EF 100mm macro

classic macro lens

Canon EF 24-70 mm

It has a wide aperture, dust and moisture protection and a wonderful pattern.





Our studio space is ready for any fantasy with light. A full range of equipment will allow you to realize almost any idea.



Rime Lite i.A

Professional high-tech 400W studio flashes

Godox SL200

Monoblock LED light 2000W
and with a constant light temperature of 5500K

Godox SL60

Monoblock LED 60W and with a temperature of 5500K


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